ACBL Unit 380
Las Cruces, NM


Play Bridge in beautiful Las Cruces, New Mexico

We have games Mon. thru Fri. and the 2nd & 4th Sun. All games start at 12:30.

Advance signup is greatly appreciated, contacts follow:

Mon./Thurs.--Dave Alllen: 575-635-6486 ............Tues./Fri.--Linda Spengler: 575-647-4059

Wed.--Barb Houseknecht: 575-523-5757 ...........Sundays--Susan Michelson: 575-649-6766

Retired Mon./Thurs. director--Roy Falck: 575-635-6586

2015 Outstanding Member

Congratulations to Linda Spengler, our 2015 Outstanding Member of the Year. In addition to running two very successful games, Linda is our Computer Systems Manager, our Publicity Chair, and our Coordinator for NAOP, GNT and STaC events.

Special Appreciation Award

A special award was given to Patsy Hackler for her role in leading Unit 380 to acquire and remodel the Belton Bridge Center.

Fall Food Drive

The Belton Bridge Center presented Lorenzo Alba, Executive Director of Casa de Peregrinos, with a check for $2,318. From left to right are Dave Gose, Club President, Lorenzo Alba, and Patsy Hackler, Charity Chair. The Belton Bridge Center provides ongoing support to the food pantry. Casa de Peregrinos has distributed over Four Million Pounds of food in the last three years and is on track to distribute Two Million Pounds this year, alone.

Useful Links

Comments, complaints, and inquiries should be sent to

Belton Bridge Center (575) 524-3031

March 19th Intermediate/Novice Sectional

Congratulations to Marty Poel and Duke Petersen, the AM overall pairs winners with a 60% game

March 19th Intermediate/Novice Sectional

Congratulations to Susan Oates and Larry Ross, the PM overall pairs winners with a 68% game

Bridge League Donates

The American Contract Bridge League, through the local Belton Bridge Center, presented Nicole Martinex, executive director of the Community of Hope, with a check for $4,300. From left, Belton Bridge players Christina Little, Evelyn Colson, Martinez, Dave Gose, and Patsy Hackler. The funds will be used to support the Veteran's Housing Program. A special thanks to Christina for writing this successful grant.

Our Newest Life Master

Congratulations to Sandy Miles who made Life Master at the January 2015 Albuquerque Regional with help from her partner Sue Wolfe

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